She used to have a little but now she has a lot, but she’s still Jenny in Vancouver. That’s the lyric, right? If it isn’t don’t correct us. But, in case you haven’t seen, Jennifer Lopez is filming a movie in Vancouver and some new behind-the-scenes pics have been posted online both by her and fans.

The movie JLo is starring in is a Netflix production called The Mother. And, if you’re an action fan this is one to look for. Lopez is playing a skilled assassin who comes back to the business to protect her daughter. Sounds badass if you ask us.

The photos show Lopez with her stunt double brandishing a sniper rifle. And the photos on her Insta show her serving some looks while at work.

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Evidence of The Mother’s production has been seen across the city in the last few weeks. Notably, the area around victory square was blocked off recently for filming. And, she was spotted at the Abbotsford International Airport as well. Movie magic right here in our city!

And, if you’re like us, you want to check out this new flick, you’ll have to wait. The movie has no official release date but is said to be out sometime in 2022. It’s a hard wait because, like most, we’re chomping at the bit to see JLo doing cool assassin stuff in downtown Vancouver on the big screen. Matter of fact, how can you not be?

And before you ask, there’s no confirmation Ben Affleck is joining Jennifer Lopez in Vancouver. Still, always cool to see such big stars in town!