Never in a million years did we think that one of the most beautiful places on the planet would ever feel they needed to worry about getting visitors. Italy, however, was hit exceptionally hard during the coronavirus outbreak. As they look to the future, their biggest concern will be revitalizing a once-thriving economy powered by tourism. So, in an effort to rebuild, the country has launched its ‘Visit Sicily’ initiative which will give travellers a chance to experience a post-COVID holiday… for a fraction of the price.

Basically, Italy will be paying for people to take a vacation, which is incredible and insane, but people do crazy things when they’ve lost over a billion dollars. Sounds like a decent vacation to us!

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Once international travel is allowed, those looking to apply for one of these trip vouchers, are asked to check out the ‘Visit Sicily’ website. Each voucher will cover a third of hotel expenses and half of all airfare, which is amazing.

“This is the time of waiting, a necessary time. Let’s stay at home and while waiting, let’s make plans, let’s dream and travel with imagination,” they say on their website.

For more information about what the beautiful island of Sicily has to offer, which is a ton, visit the link here! Keep your eyes peeled for international travel updates, as we’ll be updating those as they come along! You wouldn’t want to miss out on a deal like this, folks. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity.