Nope, that article title is not a joke. Say hello to the Cereal Box Club, a new subscription service for sought-after kinds of cereal. Really, it’s only when stuff like this pops up do we realize how much crazy cereal we’re missing in Canada.

Basically, Cereal Box Club will send you a ‘limited, hard to find and nostalgic’ cereal once a month. Could be magic Fruity Pebbles, could be that wild box of Sour Patch Kids cereal from 2018.

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Of course, cereal this rare doesn’t come cheap. There are three different pricing plans, ranging from $19.99/month for an annual subscription to $29.99 for a one-month trial. Might sound steep, but that’s the going rate of a single box on eBay, so we’re not stunned.

Does this sound like the perfect gag gift for your meal delivery friends? Or, is it a way to treat yourself to the wonders of American breakfast cuisine? Either way, you can learn more about the service right here.

Enjoy your next bowl, folks!