IKEA Canada is introducing a new kind of saving this Black Friday. On top of the great deals your wallet will be experiencing that day, now you’ll also be doing a little to save the environment as well. How, you ask? Through their brand-new, innovative Sell-Back program.

Gone are the days of leaving old furniture to die (or be picked up by a desperate college student) on the side of the road. Now you can bring back your old IKEA Canada pieces to be recycled, reused, and probably resold. It’s a much more sustainable way of getting rid of your out-of-date furniture.

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Plus, when you participate in IKEA’s Sell-Back program for Black Friday, the company will over you double the assessed value of the products you sell back in return. Sure, it’ll be in-store credit and not cash, but just think of all the great IKEA goods you can get with that kind of moolah. It’s the cycle of life, baby. Or rather, the cycle of IKEA, we suppose.

The event officially began yesterday (November 16th) and will run until December 2nd. So be sure to hurry into your nearest IKEA Canada location and take advantage. You’ll also find other great deals and discounts in-store all month long.

For full details check out the official IKEA website right here.