Uhm, yes, Netflix… we’re well aware that it’s been 7 weeks, but we ARE still watching. Frankly, we’ve had it with the subscription service’s passive-aggressive commentary, so today we’re taking a stand. We’re sure the movie streaming application has pure intentions, but we’d prefer to watch trash TV without having to reflect. Ignorance is bliss, so today we’re teaching you guys how to turn off the Netflix “are you still watching” feature.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than just switching it off in the settings. Netflix itself doesn’t allow the switch within the service. To do this, you’ll need to download a third-party extension, but it’ll be totally worth it. Trust us!

For those using Google Chrome, we’d recommend the Never Ending Netflix extension. If you’re using Firefox, check out ‘Netflix Pause Removal.’

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In addition to turning off the Netflix “are you still watching” feature, Never Ending Netflix also allows you to skip title sequences, hide any downvoted content and turn off the anxiety-inducing autoplay among other things. It’s basically the Beyonce’ of Netflix extensions.

Firefox’s Netflix Pause Removal is pretty basic in comparison, as it only allows you to do exactly that, but it works!

Now… to our dismay, there is no way of turning off the judgemental prompt on your TV, yet. We have faith that eventually, either Netflix will just get rid of it completely, because it’s awful, or someone will come up with a way to turn it off for us, using a cheat code or something. This is, however, a step in the right direction.

Ah, to become a potato sans judgment, sans download. That’ll be a day.