Shovelling a muffin into your mouth and downing coffee isn’t what you should be doing. No, friend. You should be enjoying high tea at Sorelle and Co! This stunning bakery and pastry shop is offering a posh tea time you’ve gotta try.

Sorelle and Co. is an allergy and dietary restriction-friendly bakery. Really, it has more the vibe of a lifesized enchanted dollhouse than anything. From towering cakes adorned with shimmering flowers to glittery hanging lights, you feel special when you walk in.



The whole idea is to mix refined elegance with healthy, worry-free ingredients. Vegan? Allergic to half the world? Celiac? It’s okay, you’re in good hands here.

In fact, it was five young sisters who all suffered from food allergies that inspired the business. “Sorelle” actually means sister in Italian! Their doting mom decided they needed a place where they could enjoy all the best foods without any worry about a reaction.

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sorelle and co

This created a place where everything on the menu could be shared among friends and family worry-free! Not that we’re really into sharing, but we like the sentiment.

Build a custom cake, dine on Nanaimo bars or mousse cake, fill up on vegetable lasagna, or curl up with a London fog. We’ll be honest, it’s not going to be the cheapest meal you’ve had, but that’s what it takes for peace of mind.

sorelle and co

sorelle and co

We recommend booking in advance to stop by for high tea. It kinda makes us feel like we’re in the Princess Diaries. You can also book a private room for events or birthdays, or order a dessert cart to your special event. Or you can order a dessert cart to your own bedroom. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Or you could send us a dessert cart…


Where: 1050 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan