Stampede season is almost here. And we can all but touch the excitement in the air. And, with just 9 days left to the best and most anticipated 10 days of the year, excitement is only to be expected. And we aren’t the only ones counting down the days. The Culture + Entertainment District, or simply The C+E, is joining us in doing the same.

We already know that The C+E is undergoing some serious transformation with new residential towers, roads, and more cropping up. So, as part of their countdown, The District will be featuring 10 amazing things that totally deserve your attention before, during and even after the Stampede season.

While we are just as eager as you are to find out what exactly this list has in store for us, we can fill you in on the very first listing. Enter: The fast-changing and immensely glam skyline.

culture entertainment district stampede
via The C+E

The District has forever been a celebration hotspot for Calgarians to gather and enjoy, thanks to the regular musical extravaganzas, art festivals, hockey battles and a lot more. And with their upcoming projects, The C+E is only going to get hotter with the cool crowd. Of the many amazing changes shaping up the hood, the two on our radar happen to be—

BMO Centre Expansion

culture entertainment district bmo centre expansion
via The C+E

As soon as you walk the Stampede grounds, you’ll be amazed by the sheer frame of the extended version of the BMO Centre. As part of a massive expansion plan, the $500 million project is touted to make the centre Western Canada’s largest convention centre. And while set to be complete in 2024, the frame will give you an idea of the gigantic structure that will soon take its place.

17th Avenue SE Extension & Stampede Station Rebuild

culture entertainment district bmo centre expansion
via The C+E

The next is a 2-fold project that involves an extension of 17th Ave SE and a rebuild of the Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station. The 17th Ave extension will basically connect all iconic places of The C+E to happening DT neighbourhoods— Beltline and 17th Avenue SW, East Village and Inglewood. Along with this, the Victoria Park/Stampede station will be upgraded to an at-grade platform. 

There will be a controlled crossing which will allow all modes of transportation to cross the C-Train tracks. While this station is under construction, you are still able to use this station during Stampede, but this year, we recommend using Erlton station as your go-to and easiest access point to major Stampede attractions like the Coca-Cola stage and GMC Stadium.

Pretty impressive, eh?  

With all these changes, The Culture + Entertainment District is releasing a Stampede Access Map with important info such as available parking, roadblocks, lane closures, etc. This will help Stampede visitors navigate the area comfortably.

Check out their website for more details on the district and to view this easy-access map.

Let’s get Stampede ready!