Back in June, the Canadian government announced that there would be a new national holiday for the country. And last week, BC provided an update on the upcoming Truth and Reconciliation Day, which will take place at the end of September. Let’s check it out.

Since it’s a statutory day, federal and federally-regulated (like crown corporations) workers will already receive the day off. However, BC has advised public employers across the province to honour the new day, and are planning to have most schools, post-secondary institutions, and some health sector workplaces close down. Public services will still be available, but at reduced levels.

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On the other hand, the province has started working with Indigenous leaders, organizations and communities to figure out the best and most respectful ways to honour the new day. Hopefully, we’ll have workshops, community talks, art exhibits, and more to look forward to.

While a day off of work/school is nice, we sincerely hope that our readers use the opportunity to educate themselves on the history of Canada’s residential school system, and current issues faced by Indigenous communities across Canada. After all, we can only move forward when we understand what’s behind us, and even alongside us right now.

For more information on BC’s plan for Truth and Reconciliation Day, which takes place September 30th, just click here.