As December kicks off, so does the rollout of year-end mashups, trend alerts, and recaps. In the spirit of this, the online food delivery app, SkipTheDishes, released its 2021 ‘best of’ list, showcasing the most popular food items ordered in Alberta over the last 12 months.

This rundown not only gave us a glimpse into the mouths and to-go bags of people across the province, but it also gave us some insight into the bank accounts of hungry Canucks.

With an order that consisted of Dumplings, spring rolls, and sticky rice, one Albertan actually managed to rack up a bill of $866.65 – which is wild, but nothing compared to the most expensive delivery made in Canada which cost one Torontonian $1552.35.

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These were Canada’s most expensive orders from SkipTheDishes this year

Photo Via Skipthedishes

Other eye-opening tidbits? Alberta’s most frequent user placed 1,216 orders this year – which we can only assume consisted of chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and fries – which were the most popular items in 2021, though tacos and sushi were also among our favourites.

According to Skip 608,938 tacos were delivered and 646,931 sushi rolls were eaten by hungry Albertans.

Finally, the last thing that we took away from the report was that taquitos, Slurpees, and ice cream made up the list of most popular convenience store items, which was hardly surprising – but interesting nonetheless.

Which part of the SkipTheDishes 2021 recap shocked you most?! Was it Canada’s astronomical $1.5K order? Because if we’re being honest – we’re rattled.

Let us know in the comments and congrats on making it through another crazy year.