Confession time: we love our friends and family and we love spending the holidays with them. But we can’t deny that purchasing gifts for everyone on the list often gives us (and our bank accounts) a serious death scare. That’s why come holiday season, we are always on the hunt for the best deals out there. And we are particularly excited and proud of our latest find- the Neo Card!

Neo Financial, as many of you might already know, is a fintech company launched in 2018 that has been

giving some amazing deals on its Neo Card, which is why we are excited. For all the purchases we make with this card, we get an average cashback of 5%. And as anyone familiar with the enticing world of cashback would know, this is about 1.5 times more than what most cards would offer.  Plus, since they also offer a high-interest savings account (we’re talking 1.3%) with no monthly fees… you’ll be earning even more free cash.

neo financial cashback
Photos by Neo

Meaning, holiday shopping will not break our banks like it does every year. If we’re being honest, we don’t really need the holiday season as an excuse to be excited about cashback on our retail therapy. But having that excuse sure makes our holidays a lot merrier.

Now, the proud bit- the reason we’re proud is that the Neo Card is making it easy (in fact, encouraging it) to get into the spirit of the holidays and support the local community. Neo Financial has over 4000 local and big brand partners across Canada. 

neo financial cashback
Photo by Curiocity

So basically, you’re making your loved ones happy with great presents and supporting local while also getting rewarded for it by way of cashback. Definitely, the kind of holiday season we’ve been dreaming of and frankly, deserve.

Here, check out the Neo Financial website to get your hands on the card or savings account that can well be called Santa (‘cause it gifts us in so many ways) or just to get more deets about it- including checking out all the local places you’ll be hittin’ up in no time. You can thank us later!