We’ve officially entered the holiday season, meaning our bank accounts are already working on dangerously low balances, with all the shopping, drinking, celebrating, and, of course, entertaining. Thanks to Hudsons Canada’s Pub, we now have a way to eat, drink, and be merry this holiday season without giving ourselves and our wallets a death scare. 

The pub that has been an Edmonton fave forever, just dropped this insane BOGO offer where if you buy a Hudsons Pub gift card worth $25, you get a $25 Holiday Bonus Card (WHAT!). So, while you’re gifting your loved ones a wonderful meal and great times, you are also earning yourself the same for no charge whatsoever. 

hudson's canada's pub
Photos via Curiocity

Biting off those Damn Good Wings with a highball without having to burden our wallets, now that’s what we call a holiday miracle. 

Hold it! There’s more where that came from.

Hudsons has another amazing offer where a $100 gift card will give you a chance to win a $500 trip to Panorama Mountain Resort. The package includes a two-night stay at an upper village one-bedroom condo and two lift tickets each day. Wow indeed!

The best part about these miracle gift cards is that there’s no upper limit to how many you can buy. So, you might as well pick them up for as many people on your holiday list as you can. While the $25 gift cards will continue to earn you Holiday Bonus Cards, the purchase of every $100 in gift cards will increase your chance of winning the trip. Gifting has never felt this satisfying before!

hudsons pub
Photos by Curiocity

Whether we win a trip or just have a good time eating and drinking with friends and family, it’s a win in our books either way.

These offers are valid until Christmas Eve, so we suggest you waste no time and head over to the Hudsons Pub website to grab your e-gift cards. Here’s to a jolly good holiday!