Are you thinking about moving soon? You’re not alone, since Canada is weirdly having one of the best years for real estate sales on record. But of course, what’s house-hunting without going a little over budget? So, we thought we’d show you the most expensive homes for sale in Vancouver right now. Sure, they might require you to win the lottery, but we’re pretty sure that’s what manifesting destiny is all about.

Here are the most expensive homes for sale in Vancouver.

4743 Belmont Avenue

belmont mansion

The aptly-named Belmont Estate isn’t just the most expensive home in Vancouver, it’s the most expensive (publicly listed) one in Canada! Sprawling over 21,000 sq. ft., this Shaughnessy behemoth is the pinnacle of Vancouver living, with the views to match. Catch us lounging in the stately indoor pool.

Price: $58,000,000

4868 Drummond Drive

most expensive homes vancouver

The second-most expensive home in Vancouver is literally a block away from the first one. However, this home was built in the early 1990s, which is probably why not many photos of the interior are included in the listing. Is this the most expensive ‘tear-down’ property in Canada? We think so.

Price: $37,990,000

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1233 Tecumseh Avenue


This is probably our favourite pick on the list. A modern marvel, this house features everything from a koi pond to an indoor aquarium and a room specifically for your fancy whiskeys. But, it’s the massive pool area and gazebo that really sells it for us. It’s like a 5-star spa at home! Makes sense really, given the price.

Price: $35,800,000

2601-277 Thurlow Street

most expensive homes vancouver

Surprisingly, a condo managed to sneak onto this list. But, it is definitely one of the most luxurious in the city. Created by combining two separate apartments, this huge spot covers the entire 26th floor of Three Harbour Green in Coal Harbour. Talk about 360 degree views!

Price: $32,800,000

3019 Point Grey Road

point grey

While not as flashy as the other spots, this is the only listing in the top 5 to be truly waterfront in Vancouver. Located on the prestigious Point Grey Road, we’re going to call this one a family home paradise. We won’t lie- sipping a morning coffee out on the deck does sound like a great way to spend our golden years. We’ll start saving now!

Price: $29,999,000

And those are the top 5 most expensive homes for sale in Vancouver right now! Of course, we’re going to have to follow this up with a list of West Vancouver listings, so stay tuned for that!