Almost Paradise. We’re knocking on Vancouver’s door. Why? Well because three Vancouver locals are going to appear on Bachelor in Paradise Canada.

The spin-off of the American versions of The Bachelor and Bachelorette takes place on an island and features 26 singles looking to find love, marriage, and more social media clout.

Don’t worry though. Of course, there is drama, intrigue, and entertainment abound. It’s a reality TV show after all!

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The show will premiere on October 10, so not a lot is known about the contestants. Who’s going to backstab who? Who is going to find love? Who is going to be scorned? What challenges are in store? Only time will tell, but we know we might have to root for our locals on the show. But, we’ll know more about them once the show starts. Here are the three local Vancouver contestants on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Josh Guvi


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A 28-year-old filmmaker who obviously loves the water.

Instagram: @joshguvi

Stacy Johnson


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A 29-year-old interior designer who’s returning to the show after her appearance on season 3 of The Bachelor Canada.

Instagram: @stacyy_rae

Kit Blaiklock


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A 27-year-old model

Instagram: @itsbabykit

So, if you’re someone who loves to root for the home team, you got three great people to pick from on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise Canada. At this point, they’re in our good books based on their Vancouver home alone. However only time will team what happens to them on the show.

If you want to check out the whole cast, which includes a few other Canadians, check out their introduction video right here.

Now, all we have to do is wait until October 10.