We’ve got a pretty important update, sports fans! Both the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Lions have announced that masks will be required for their home games moving forward. This actually goes above and beyond BC reintroducing the mask mandate, so we thought it’s worth letting you know about it.

Basically, the Whitecaps and the Lions are treating BC Place as an indoor venue, regardless of whether or not the roof is open. So, both of them have introduced that all guests aged 12 and older will be required to wear masks while attending future games. This kicks off this Sunday, when the Whitecaps face off against Real Salt Lake.

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Of course, guests will be able to remove their masks to eat and drink in their assigned seats. But they will be expected to be worn even while you’re just watching the game. Our advice? Make sure you get one that’s comfortable on your face. That’s our plan, at least.

With any luck, the mask mandates at BC Place will be removed when the more general mandate is, too. Officials are hoping this will come sometime after the BC Vaccine Passport is introduced in September, but no promises!