Ready to laugh a little? We sure are, which is why we’re happy that the beloved comedian Hasan Minhaj is coming to Vancouver! What’s more, we’re currently the only Canadian stop on his upcoming tour. Here’s the scoop.

The longtime comedian was also the host Netflix’s Patriot Act. Since 2018, Minhaj has been combining humour and insightful political/social commentary, and has tackled everything from the video game industry to the opioid crisis and even Canadian politics.

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It also made Minhaj one of TIME’s Most Influential People for 2019. And now, since the show’s over, he’s ready to get back on the road. His new special, The King’s Jester, is Minhaj’s first solo show in around 4 years, and is a return to his ‘storytelling roots’. If you needed a little extra push to buy your tickets, keep in mind that his last solo show won him a Peabody Award.

So yes, we absolutely think this show is worth seeing, and especially because Vancouver is the only place in Canada to see it! The King’s Jester comes to Vancouver this November, and tickets are currently on sale! All you need to do is click the link below to grab yours.

Hasan Minhaj- The King’s Jester

When: November 14th, 2021
Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton Street
Tickets: $44.97+ (use access code KINGS)