With all the hustle and bustle going on this summer, you need to take a breather and enjoy some lunch at the best picnic spots in Vancouver. It’s practically a summer requirement, especially when the weather has been so supportive. To help you out on your next weekend adventure, we picked our favourites.

Here are the 8 places for a picnic in Vancouver.

Jericho Park

jericho beach

While all of your friends are wandering around looking for a seat at Kits, you’ll be sitting cool as a cucumber at Jericho. Maybe it’s the extra five minutes of driving, maybe it’s the fact that there’s no LOCAL here, but Jericho has always got space for you.

Spanish Banks

spanish banks best picnic spot

Much like Jericho, this relatively quiet beach is perfect for hanging out with friends. Bring your sportier pals and take advantage of the volleyball courts. That way, you can earn your lunch too. That’s health nut stuff, and we love it.

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Dude Chilling aka Guelph Park

dude chilling best picnic spot

Officially the chillest park in the world, and super close to Mount Pleasant. Swing by 33 Acres before you head over, and enjoy a covert beverage with your meat and cheese selection.

Crab Park

crab park

We might not recommend this spot for families, and we’d be lying if we said it was super clean. But, you can’t beat the proximity to downtown and the gorgeous views here. For those two reasons, Crab Park gets the nod from us.

Third Beach

third beach

We choose Third Beach over Second Beach because it’s that much further into Stanley Park. This is a spot that is incredible at sunset, so keep that in mind while you’re planning your day. Great for taking people from out of town, too.

Lighthouse Park

lighthouse park

Ok now we’re moving more towards the half day picnics, but these are still very worth it. Lighthouse Park in West Van affords you a rare view of the city. And, if you want to, you can set up on the waterfront rocks near the lighthouse itself.

Lions Bay

lions bay

A remote spot just past the very outskirts of West Van. Easily accessible by car, and it provides you with an incredible view of the Howe Sound. Lions Bay is definitely a slower neighbourhood, so maybe think twice if you’re trying to get rowdy during the day.

Iona Park

iona park

We’re picking this one because walking the Iona Jetty should be on every Vancouverite’s bucket list. It’s an 8km round trip straight out into the ocean. So, you’ll be earning your PB&J sandwich once you get back to the park proper.

Nice, now all we have to do is find one of those cool wicker baskets to carry our food around in. Our plan is to visit all the garage sales we can over the next couple of weeks. Then, we can truly enjoy the best picnic spots in Vancouver.