Ay caramba, it’s hot in here! “Here” being this giant mass of concrete we call home. When temps get nice and sweltering, take a dip in these swimming holes near Calgary to let your sweat melt away in the water. Then, forget the fact that your sweat is mingling with the water, which means that everyone else’s sweat is also mingling. We’re now all mingling with everyone’s sweat. It’s cool! It’s fine! Let’s go for a dip!

Quarry Lake

Photo via @ra.mme / Instagram

You know we love Canmore, but we have an extra soft spot for Quarry Lake. Sometimes bears show up to make things spicy. It’s a win-win all around.

Where: Spray Lakes Road, Canmore

Johnson Lake

Swimming holes near Calgary
Photo via @seannlindsay / Instagram

Canoe, swing on a rope, have a picnic, and brace yourself for a bit of a cold swim. It’s fine! You’re a Canadian, you can handle it.

Where: Johnson Lake Road, Banff

Sikome Lake

Swimming holes near Calgary
Photo via @curiocitycalgary / Instagram

This bad boy is man-made, but it’s still very dippable! Access isn’t free anymore, but we’d argue that the soft sandy bottom is worth it, anyway.

Where: Accessed by Bow Bottom Trail SE or Sun Valley Boulevard SE. off Highway 22x

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Pierce Estate Park

Swimming holes near Calgary
Photo Via Avenue

Head a few hundred metres down below the Weir to find an open rock beach. There should be some slower water in pooling areas, AKA a great place to cool off those toes.

Where: 1440 17a St SE

Griffith Woods

Swimming holes near Calgary
Photo via @dabertime / Instagram

Cue romantic walk/dip/Dirty Dancing lift practice in the water! Or just a solo swim for us loner folks! Griffith Woods is kinda unknown to people outside Discovery Ridge, so pop on over and follow the paths to find hidden bridges and swimming areas.

Where: 160 Discovery Ridge Blvd SW

Forgetmenot Pond

Photo Via Shutterstock

Crystal clear water. Crystal clear, absolutely freezing water. Maybe pick a super sweaty day to visit this spot. Worth checking out, though!

Where: AB-66, Bragg Creek

There you have it, 7 of our favourite swimming holes near Calgary! Don that swimsuit and get yourself cooled off, pal. We’ve got an extra pair of water wings if you want them!