Alright, we may not quite have what our friends to the west have in terms of mountainous terrain. However, don’t let that stop you! There are still some solid hikes in Ontario you can take advantage of. Also, less grizzly bears over here. That’s a major upside. With all of that in mind, here are seven of the best hikes in Ontario to check out this spring.


dundas peak

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Actually, do. Especially at Dundas Peak since they are oh so pretty. The forest scenery is A+ and we love the view of Hamilton. We recommend going in autumn when the trees are especially stunning. Chase away! FYI, this is not a particularly safe lookout, so take all precautions necessary when heading out.

Where: 607 Harvest Rd
Distance: 2.9 KM
Difficulty: Moderate


hikes in ontario

There are three different trails you can take to enjoy this gorgeous spot. Stop for a bonfire along the way, admire the falls, and eat more marshmallows than anyone should on a “hike.”

Where: Off Campbellville Rd in Milton
Distance: 4.7 KM
Difficulty: Easy

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This scenic little trail is a must if you’re near the Falls. Along with gorgeous water views, there are spots to try a bit of bouldering if you’re feeling fearless!

Where: 15 Niagara Parkway
Distance: 2.3 KM
Difficulty: Moderate


rattlesnake point

Patience is a virtue we don’t usually have. Although, it’s worth it for this one. If you can stand waiting, taking a hike through here in summer when the greenery is 10/10 doing its thing is ideal.

Where: 7200 Appleby Line
Distance: 7.2 KM
Difficulty: Moderate


lions head

Views on views on viiiiews! This is quite the loop in terms of distance. Dunking your head in the bay at the end is the second best part after the gorgeous scenery. We’d say it’s on the spicier side of moderate because of the length, but take one look at that water and you’ll know this is one of the best hikes in Ontario. You’ll definitely earn your snacks on this one!

Where: Start at Bruce Trail on Moore St, Lion’s Head
Distance: 15.3 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

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centennial ridge

Want to get high? Nah, we mean gain elevation. If you’re thinking yes, this is the trail for you! A few hours of solid effort and you’ve got some of the highest views in the area. No, we don’t mean like that.

Where: Off Centennial Ridges Rd, Algonquin National Park
Distance: 9.8 KM
Difficulty: Hard



Leave the claustrophobic buddy at home for this one. Caves aren’t for everyone, but we say give them a shot because they’re freakin’ cool! This trail is super scenic and it’s even cooler (pun intended) in cold weather when the caves are snowy and icy. Otherwise, go in the summer for wildflower season.

Where: 794685 Osprey Clearview Townline
Distance: 2.3 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

We’ve got the essentials: backpack, boots, a bag of gummy worms, water bottle. It’s time to get out and get lost! Happy hiking, Ontario!