Now that patios have been reopening, we’ve been spending way too much of our free time at them. And the only downside has been leaving our pups at home. What can we say? After so much time quarantining with them, it just doesn’t feel right to leave the house without ’em by our side. Which is why we’re so glad that there are plenty of dog-friendly patios in Toronto that’ll let us keep our pooch close by.

Here are 12 of our favourite dog-friendly patios in Toronto.


Pack up your pooch and head to this fabulous Toronto spot. This patio is chock full of picnic tables and delicious brews. And although your pup isn’t allowed to roam free amongst the beer-drinkers, there is a massive patch of greenery they’re welcome to explore. Plus, Bandit Brewery will even give them a dog bowl of water if you ask nicely.

Where: 2125 Dundas St W


This spot is literally named Black Lab, so it makes sense that they’re puppy friendly. They’re open seven days a week and dogs are welcome (as long as they’re on 6-foot leashes). Plus, you can even bring outside food. Ya know, in case brews aren’t exactly your pup’s cup of tea…

Where: 818 Eastern Ave



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This incredible patio is half-cafe-half-bar. And let’s be real, either coffee or drinks make for the best first dates. So here’s the plan: grab your pup and go to this patio. Everyone knows dogs make for great conversation starters. So while your puppy is mingling with that cutie at the next table’s pooch, you can strike up a conversation. And boom, you’re already on your first date with them. It’s fool-proof, you guys.

Where: 1173 Dundas St E


dog friendly patios

This spacious patio has gorgeous views of Lake Ontario. And while you can’t actually bring your pooch inside the patio area, there’s plenty of space just over the fence to tie them up. So ask for a seat right next to ’em and enjoy your makeshift puppy-patio experience.

Where: 207 Queens Quay W



So much beer, so many dogs. Cozy up on their incredible patio with your furry pals. Or, you can go meet someone else’s furry pal. From 6 feet away, of course. Win-win!

Where: 128A Sterling Rd


pet friendly patios

This Yorkville spot is perfect for bringing your pooch. Now, we’ve gotta warn you, they can’t come on the actual patio. BUT there’s plenty of seating right by the fence. So you are welcome to tie them up right next to you and slip them pieces of your charcuterie all evening long.

Where: 100 Cumberland St


dog friendly patio

This downtown resto has a massive outdoor patio. And if you’re seating in the smaller, south-facing area along Fort York Blvd, your pooch is welcome. So sit back and enjoy some delicious, pet-friendly, outdoor dinning.

Where: 82 Fort York Blvd



Coffee, cookies, croissants, canines. All the essential C’s in life, all in one spot.

Where: Several locations, find them all here



Are you and Fido attached at the hip? Local gets it, which is why their patio allows your dogs to snuggle up next to you. Although, don’t be surprised when the bacon disappears from your plate while you’re not looking.

Where: 100-171 Liberty St E


Can we get a big “awooo” for this perfect pup-friendly patio? Sugar Beach is right there, so after some snacks you can go frisbee and swim. Your dog is going to love this one! Tie your pup up outside the patio and watch their food envy go from 1-100.

Where: 25 Dockside Dr


te aro

Hey, we think he wants a sip of your iced coffee. Dogs are more than welcome at this sunny patio.  This cafe loves their regulars, and their regular’s owners too (wink wink).

Where: 983 Queen St E


blood brothers

This taproom is happy to let your pal snuggle up with you. We think more places should think this way. However, until then you can find us petting dogs at Blood Brothers.

Where: 165 Geary Ave

So grab that pooch and hit one of these amazing dog-friendly patios in Toronto. Let us know which one you get to first!