Well, as of yesterday we regret to inform you that fall is officially here. Now, it’s time for us to unleash our fall bucket list guide for Vancouver! Lucky for you, we’ve been preparing for this moment for a hot second, which means more options for you.

Here is our fall bucket list guide to Vancouver! Have fun out there, friends.

Go on a nice fall date

fall bucket list vancouver

Getting out and about in the fall is easier than ever with our fall date guide. Whether you’re hitting the pumpkin patch or treating yourself to a nice meal, there are many ways to make the most of the changing seasons.

Check out some events and festivals that only occur in fall

fall bucket list vancouver

Oktoberfest, Halloween, Harvest festivals… the list goes on and on. Don’t feel like your friends Halloween party is the only fall event that you should attend, because there’s a lot more going on in Vancouver than that.

Eat your feelings with some great fall comfort food

ramen danbo

There are two cuisines that we’re drawn to when the weather starts to get a little sour. Either we’re diving into a great plate of pasta or we’re posting up at a ramen joint to recharge our batteries.

Try new restaurants around the city

pizzeria farina

So you’ve eaten enough ramen and Italian to last you a few months. Well, the fun doesn’t stop there, since Vancouver has welcomed 6 new restaurants worth checking out! Click that link in the header to check it out.

Check out fall concerts in Vancouver

jonas brothers

Whether you’re getting in the fall mood with an indie show or avoiding it at the club, the city has tons of options for fall concerts to go see.

Binge-watch everything coming to Netflix this October

netflix canada october

Ok, so maybe going every night out isn’t your thing. That’s fine- you can always rely on good old Netflix to keep you company during the week. And trust us- October has got one doozy of a line up.

Go appreciate some art

polygon gallery

Fall usually means new exhibitions to go see around Vancouver. Whether you’re checking out what’s on at the Vancouver Art Gallery or heading to a smaller space, art galleries offer hours of fun. Plus, you get to walk away feeling cultured. Score.

Get outside on a sunny day

vancouver's best gardens

Now, it’s not going to be 100% rain from now until March. If you happen to have a few free hours when the sun comes out, then maybe think about going on a nice walk around the city!

Shop for some new clothing

fall bucket list vancouver

Fall weather means wardrobe changes, which also means maybe a couple of new pieces for the closet. Check out our shopping guides to Kitsilano and Gastown for some great options. Or support local business and refer to our guide to Vancouver clothing brands.

Warm up over a cup of coffee

fall bucket list vancouver nemesis

Whether you’re looking for a new study space, or just want a new haunt to look cool reading your Jack Kerouac book, Vancouver is here for you. Check out our guides to the best coffee shops in Kitsilano and Gastown for our top picks.

Alternatively, warm up over something else

the parlour

And do it cheaply thanks to our guide on the best happy hours in the city. Wine, beer and great cocktails are waiting for you.

Finally, stock up on some reading material

macleods books

Who says you have to head to Amazon to find that book you’ve been looking for? Instead, check out one of Vancouver’s many used book stores for bargain deals and an insane amount of variety.

Nice ok, we feel like these are some great fall bucket list guide in Vancouver that you should get up to. The time to overcome the weather is now, and this list is meant to help you achieve your goals. Or, at the very least, weather the storm. Happy fall!