It’s summer time and it’s your chance to check out some of the province’s most beautiful waterfalls. Our province is littered with amazing waterfalls for you to hike to, swim in or just admire for their natural beauty.

A little note though first. Waterfalls are dangerous, and you should make sure that you’re familiar with the location before you go for a dip. Have fun and be safe!

Here are 12 amazing waterfalls to check out in BC!

Nairn Falls

nairn falls waterfalls bc

Take a quick walk out past Whistler to see one of the most interesting falls in the area. Nairn Falls are around 60 meters tall and feature two amazing falls. The cool part about these falls is there is no visible connection between the second and third falls. Why? Well, because later in the season the water travels underneath a natural rock wall!

Alexander Falls

alexander falls

About 25 km west of Whistler, you can check out this hidden gem. Alexander Falls is located in the Callaghan Valley, the same place many Olympic events took place, and is super easy to get to. The falls are visible right from the parking lot, so you only need to get out of your car to see them!

Cascade Falls

cascade falls

Located in the Cascade Falls Regional Park, this is the perfect warmup waterfall to visit. The walk in and out is super short, but you can still dip your toes and commune with nature a little bit.

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Dawson Falls

dawson waterfalls bc

Located near Kamloops, Dawson Falls is a spectacular cascading waterfall that is just an easy 30 minute hike. The falls is one of seven on the Murtle River, so it’s a great place to check out if you’re a big waterfall-head.

Shannon Falls

shannon falls waterfalls bc

Located right by the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, these falls are truly awesome. It is the third highest waterfall in the province, with hundreds of metres of rolling cliffs and rocks. Now’s a great time to grab yourself a picnic and check it out!

Crystal Falls

crystal falls

There are a few different routes you can take that incorporate the falls. So, you can either have a leisurely walk or a day-long hike to get here. We recommend the latter, since the quick dip at the base of the falls with be that much more worth it.

Helmcken Falls

helmcken falls

This the fourth tallest falls in Canada and is truly awe-inspiring to see near Kamloops. The falls are a 141 metre drop and are worth checking out any time of year. In the summer, the falls jut out of the lush green forest. In the winter, see everything shining with ice and snow, including a 50 metre ice cone that forms!

Twin Falls

twin falls

A short, popular hike located in Lynn Canyon Provincial Park. This one is probably going to busy on weekends for the rest of the summer. So, we think you should get a few friends rounded up, take a Wednesday off, and head there for the early afternoon.

Brandywine Falls

brandywine falls

If you’re in the mood for some Twin Peaks vibes, Brandywine Falls has what you’re after. In between Whistler and Squamish, you can check out this beautiful 70 metre high water fall. A quick trail brings you to the viewing platform that allows you to see the whole falls in their majesty.

Norvan Falls

norvan falls

A half-day hike taking you into the Lynn Headwaters area off of North Vancouver. Going to be perfect for the summer, and might just be our top recommendation off of this list. But, of course, you should explore them all!

Little Qualicum Falls

waterfalls bc

These cute falls are located on Vancouver Island and are super easy to get to! Near Qualicum Beach and Parksville, take the well-groomed path and check out the wonderful falls. The loop trail also allows you to check out the many different cascades and pools of these gorgeous falls.

Myra Falls

myra falls

If you’re heading out to Vancouver Island this summer, then this needs to be number 1 on your list of hikes. You can pick two trails for Myra Falls, and both are worth it. The lower trail gives you a great view of the falls themselves. On the other hand, the upper trail features a vista of the lake below. It’s a toss-up.

James Bruce Falls

james bruce falls

The unofficial name for a waterfall that is technically the tallest in North America. Fed by a snowfield, this waterfall is a whopping 840 metres high. Take this one with a grain of salt though, because these falls are only visible when enough snow has accumulated up top.

Anyway, those are some beautiful BC waterfalls to check out, swim in or maybe just think about!