If you’re anything like us, you and your dog have serious separation anxiety. Your pooch is like your best friend, your child, and your snuggle buddy all in one. So, with the weather warming up, you bet we’re taking our doggos out on the town. We’ve got the goods on which spots to hit this summer to combine your two fave things: patio hopping and cuddling pups. Here’s our picks for the best dog friendly patios in Calgary!

Starbucks 17th Ave

patio calgary dog friendly
They may not serve alcohol, but there’s nothing like a nice iced latte with your pup on a warm weekend morning. With a pretty extensive cafe patio, this is one of our favourite spots to pull up a chair and bask in the sun. Plus, we’re pretty sure your furry friend would love a Puppuccino (they’re free, too!).

Where: 715 17 Ave SW

Bookers BBQ & Crab Shack

What’s better than bringing your puppy pal to a place that’s gonna love ’em as much as you do? At Bookers, they are major dog people and your canine friend is definitely gonna feel the love. Plus, with a BBQ menu full of grilled meats that your dog will happily take a piece of, it’s the perfect excuse to share some human food.

Where: #10 316 3rd Street S.E.

Midtown Kitchen & Bar

midtown calgary patio
Not only does Midtown offer a tasty menu of food and drinks with daily specials, they’re also located in one of the best areas of the city, Kensington! Midtown is the perfect pit stop after taking your dog on a long walk of sightseeing down the river and maybe even letting them take a dip. Their pet friendly patio offers a decent amount of seating and is perfectly tucked away from the main strip of 10th street!

Where: 302 10 St NW

Donna Mac

Now this spot is more for the good boys… With stricter rules on their pet friendly patio that require your pup to be well-trained, this is a great option for you guys with A+ behaviour. Sorry Marley, this ain’t for you. Air Buds only.

Where: 1002 9 St SW

Cold Garden

calgary patio pet friendly
Known for being full-time pet friendly, this brewery hit the top of our radars a while ago. Although this spot does not have a patio, it made our list because your pups are welcome directly inside! Cuddle up with your best friend, or let them stroll around with others of their kind. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy a tasty brew while you’re doing it.

Where: 1100 11 St SE

Vin Room

With multiple locations, Vin Room’s pet-friendly patios are geared up to suit any party. The Mission location has a patio on the smaller side, with seating for up to 15 people. Meanwhile, Vin Room West has a patio that can seat up to 50. Let your pooch relax on a custom-made dog bed. And be sure to order your pooch one of their complimentary treat bags while you’re at it!

Where: 2310 4 St SW

Oak Tree Tavern

outdoor rooftop patio sunny day calgary
Another Kensington favourite that can be enjoyed after a day outdoors, Oak Tree’s patio is pretty iconic. The lower level of this classic spot is completely pet-friendly and in our opinion, one of the most bumpin’ spots in the city!

Where: 124 10 St NW

Boogies Burgers- Renfrew

Boogie’s patio is the perfect place to chow down on a burger and fries with your dog by your side. Not only do we recommend the patio but we also recommend the food. Retro burgs have never tasted so good, and we’re pretty sure your doggo will agree.

Where: 908 Edmonton Trail NE

One Night Stan’s

patio dog one night stans calgary
With daily happy hour from 3-6pm and an open invite to Calgary pups, this patio is pretty unreal. We’re not sure if we condone sharing Jell-O shots with your dog, but we do encourage spending every day this summer at One Night Stan’s.

Where: 520 17th Avenue SW

Caffe Beano

This cafe used to be a spot for skaters or hipsters only, but with a pet-friendly patio and some wicked eats, it now has an audience that’s growing outside the crowd we once knew. Next time you’re strolling 17th, take a break at Beano! We’re not saying you have to order a Vietnamese Iced Coffee the next time you go, but we are definitely strongly suggesting you do.

Where: 1613 9 St SW

Go forth and bond with your furry friends, Calgary! Most of all, don’t forget to tag us in your paw-tio snaps. There’s never a time we don’t wanna see those.