One of our favourite parts of summer is that all the best fruits are in season these days. But sometimes we get bored of going to the grocery store and sifting through piles and piles, trying to find the best in the batch. Which is why we love to take things right to the sources at delicious pick-your-own places around the provinces. These spots have got some of the freshest produce out there. And it’s all available right at your fingertips!

Here are 10 of the best places to pick your own fruit near Toronto


pick your own fruit near toronto

So this spot’s a definite go-to for berry picking near the city. But now that the berry season is over, they’ve become known for their gorgeous pick-your-own sunflowers. You can frolic the fields and leave with a beautiful bouquet of incredible, massive sunflowers. Plus, in the fall they’ll have apples and sweet corn available!

Where: 9365 10 Side Rd, Milton, Ontario


pick your own fruit toronto

Who doesn’t love a day trip to Downey’s? This spot is only about a 45 minute drive from the downtown core. Which makes it the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon! You can stop by to stock up on all your favourite fruits. Raspberries and strawberries just wrapped up. But apple-picking season starts August 28th.

Where: 13707 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon, Ontario


pick your own

This incredible orchard is the place to hit for fresh-picked blueberries. They offer three container sizes that you can frolic the fields and fill to the brim. And they’ve got three different pick-your-own patches to choose from. Between the patches there are nine different types of blueberries available. Did you know that blueberries came in more than one type? We sure didn’t! But now we know. And all nine types will be available throughout the month of August.

Where: 3337 Concession Rd 3, Newcastle, Ontario


pick your own

So we just missed berry season at this stellar spot. But don’t worry! They’ll be reopening before we know it for their famous fall pumpkin patches. Mmm, just picture perusing the rows of pumpkins, hot cocoa in hand, looking for that perfect pick. It almost makes us wish summer would hurry up and turn into fall… Almost.

Where: 7388 Guelph Line, Campbellville, Ontario


pick your own

You don’t have to go far out of the city for this delicious spot. Head to Organics Farm for, well, all the best organic picks. Their berry picking just ended, but it’s only a few weeks until apples are ripe for the picking. Plus, they’ve got loads of freshly picked veggies and baked goods at their on-site farmers market. Yum!

Where: 7550 19th Ave, Markham, Ontario


pick your own

And you don’t even have to leave the city at all to visit this pick-your-own place! So they specialize in fresh picked corn. Which, we know, is a grain not a fruit. But they’ve also got delicious tomatoes available right off the vine. So here’s what we’re thinking: stop by here to stock up. Then throw together a super fresh cob salad with all your delicious finds. Sounds pretty great, huh?

Where: 8327 Steeles Ave, Toronto, Ontario


pick your own

So this delicious spot is known for their cherry picking. The season for that just ended, however. But before you get all sad on us about that, get a load of all the other incredible fruits you can choose from. They’ve got peaches available all summer long, nectarines beginning early August, and pears and blue plums available in September. Sign us up, please!

Where: 4303 Cherry Ave, Vineland, Ontario


pick your own

Blueberries, blackberries, peaches, and beans are all in season at this delicious spot! Plus, we even heard a rumour that they’ve got some fall red raspberries coming our way. And with raspberries out of season pretty much everywhere else, this is a pretty big deal. So stop by this spot for some of the best fruit in the business.

Where: 7951 Talbot Trail, Blenheim, Ontario


pick your own

This farm is a great spot for people of all ages. Bring the little ones to frolic in the fields or take a tractor ride in the fall. Or come with all adults and enjoy all that the winery’s got to offer. They’ve really got everyone covered here, you guys. Strawberry season may have just ended, but apples at Applewood are right around the corner!

Where: 12415 McCowan Rd, Stouffville, Ontario


pick your own

This family-owned spot has got all the fruits and veggies you could dream of. And right now, they’re specializing in pick-your-own green beans, tomatoes, and peppers. They’ve also got a farmer’s market full of homemade jams and other delicious items. Plus, naturally raised meats available. So stop by for a one-stop-shop of all things fresh.

Where: 1025 Cragg Road, Greenbank, Ontario

Happy picking, everyone!