Greenlake Sushi and Roll is one of Seattle’s newest spots to eat. The seafood centric restaurant opened last month, and has a wide and inventive menu with all sorts of tasty dishes for you to try.

Whether you want a quick snack or full platters, Greenlake Sushi and roll has something for you. Diners can choose from appetizers like chawanmushi, seaweed salad and tuna crude among other items. There’s also an assortment of rolls as well sashimi.

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Rolls range in size from mini and mega and in flavour from classic and simple to bright and fusion. An assortment of bowls like chirashi and bulgogi allow you to kick it up one more notch.

Perhaps the item the stands out the most is “sushi donuts.” They’re also called DIY sushi and come with seasoned rice, avocado and your choice of sashimi served with imitation crab and 3 pieces of nori. The name mostly comes from the fact that the fish is generally shaped like a donut.

Beyond the assortment of eats, you can also enjoy a varied rink menu with wine, beer and cider.

Diners can enjoy food via pickup, delivery, and dine-in.

Greenlake Sushi and Roll

Where: 7012 Woodlawn Ave NE
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12 PM-9 PM