Every year, the participants of the coveted Gastown Grand Prix gather on the cobblestone-clad streets in Vancouver to compete in one of North America’s most prestigious road cycling events to date. And this year marks the 50th annual race, which means we’re in for a high-stakes race!

The event features some of the tightest maneuvers for professional cyclists from around the globe, and spectators from all over line the route to cheer on the riders as they navigate the fast-paced course.

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Organized by Global Relay, the cycling race will kick off at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, July 12th with a youth race, followed by opening ceremonies 25 minutes later.

Next, the Pro Womens Race will commence at 6:15 pm, which will feature 30 laps and a total of 48 km. Likewise, the Pro Men Race will follow the same course at 7:30 pm, totalling 60 km and 42 laps.

The event will wrap up at 9 pm with the awards ceremonies, which will recognize the top three participants in each category.

So there you have it, Vancouver! Time to cheer on some top-notch cyclists.

Gastown Grand Prix 

When: Wednesday, July 12th
Where: Gastown