We know this is going to sound made up but trust us, it isn’t. There really exists a laser and wax bar in town that’s making hair removal a straight-up pleasant experience. People, meet Foxy Box!

The BC-born laser and wax bar is touted to be the quickest, most effective and most fun (true story!) hair removal service on the market. But more importantly, the bar is bringing about what they are calling a “foxy revolution” to the beauty industry with their genderless approach.

Foxy Box Laser + Wax Bar is dedicated to making inclusivity an industry norm. With a belief that Foxy is not a luxury but a basic human right, they’ve aptly defined their motto to be “every body is a Foxy body.” 

And so, they provide hair removal treatments based on anatomy and NOT gender. Meaning, all humans–  no matter what age, size, gender identity, ability, etc.– are welcome.

With Their warm, inclusive and no-BS customer service and their hair removal expertise (they legit call themselves Vagicians), Foxy Box has been winning the beauty  lovers over. No surprises there!

But here is the best part– you can get your first wax or zap at the bar for free! Both Foxy Box locations in Calgary are currently running the First Wax Free and First Zap Free promo offers.

You can get a free bikini wax or get your underarm, upper lip, ear, nose or half back waxed. Or you can get 50% off a Brazilian wax or Full back wax. You can get a similar offer on laser hair removal treatments as well. Either get a free laser session for underarm, upper lip, chin or nape of neck. Or get 50% off another area of your choice. 

An elevated hair removal experience AND a free (or heavily discounted) service. It doesn’t take a math genius to know that is a darn good deal.

Here, check out the Foxy Box website (link below) for more deets on the offer, the brand and their services. And be sure to book your first wax or laser session before the offer closes.


University District Location: E175 – 3921 University Ave NW, Calgary
Mission Location: 170 – 1800 4 Street SW, Calgary