It’s a bird? It’s a plane? It’s a meteor! If you looked up at the right time earlier this week, you could have been one of hundreds across BC & the Pacific Northwest who managed to see what experts are now calling a rare meteor “fireball.”

According to The Weather Network (TWN), witnesses across southern B.C., Oregon, and Washington spotted “a bright meteor fireball blaze” at around 10:20 pm on Wednesday, October 12th. If you caught even a glimpse of the sky as it lit up, consider yourselves lucky!

And as of Friday, October 14th – there are now over 200 reports of the sighting on the American Meteor Society website.

While some sources claim it was likely part of an Orionid meteor shower, TWN asserts that the trajectory of this meteor is not consistent with any of the meteor showers that are typically active this time of year – Orionids included.

Instead, TWN shares that it was probably a “sporadic” event. A random space rock could have gotten in the way of Earth’s orbit around the Sun at this specific area in space.

Whatever the cause may be, the result was sure something to behold.

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