Looking to head up north to explore a beautiful protected estuary? Skagit Valley’s Fir Island Farm Estuary has over 200 acres of habitat that are perfect for watching birds and plenty of other wildlife.

The Fir Island Farm Estuary is accessible with a Washington State Discover Pass and is an area intended to protect animals passing through over winter.

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fir island
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There is no hunting allowed at the feeding ground, rather there are walking trails, giving you the chance to view many local and migrating rare and endangered birds.

Not only is the island beautiful to visit it’s also the site of a major restoration project. From 2011-2016 the area was under construction in order to create 5,800 feet of dike and restore 131 acres of tidal marsh and tidal channels. Habitats that are incredibly important for Chinook salmon and other fish and wildlife.

So grab your binoculars and visit the island to catch a glimpse of birds passing through and take a chance to learn about Washington’s tidal landscapes.

Fir Island Farm Estuary

Where: 15802 Fir Island Road, Mount Vernon, WA

Information on the estuary is from the Mount Vernon Parks Foundation and is accurate as of the publication date.