Ever wanted to stare directly into an abyss? Well, we’ve got just the outdoor adventure for you. The Extension Ridge Trail in Nanaimo (also known as The Abyss Trail) is part of the Trans Canada Trail — and it’s named for its mysterious 16-inch-wide earthquake fissure.

Situated between Harewood and Extension to the west of Chase River, the massive area is popular among mountain bikers, who have set up multiple wooden playgrounds in the area, according to Nanaimo Hospitality.

In addition to the large “crack in the earth,” visitors can look out for wooden bridges and viewing platforms to take in the surrounding scenery.

Note that the start of the trail is marked by a sign on Harewood Mines Road, according to Nanaimo Hospitality.

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Another neat feature of this trail? Its surviving petroglyphs, which were carved into ancient bedrock by some of the first people to inhabit the region thousands of years ago.

So there you have it, BC. Adventure with caution – and don’t fall in!

Extension Ridge / The Abyss Trail 

Where: Nanaimo, BC