You can take a tour of the Rossdale Power Plant this summer

Photo via Edmonton Tourism/Jeff McDonald

Howdy folks! We’re feeling a little weird this Friday, so we’re coming at you with a weird bit of information. The historic Rossdale Power Plant is now offering tours. Why’s this cool? Well, it’s the first time the plant has been opened to the public.

And we’re also weirdly drawn to old industrial buildings. Anyway, the power plant was first built over a hundred years ago on the site. But, that big brick building didn’t actually come into the picture until the 1930s. And at its high point, the plant could power a quarter of Alberta.

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Now, the site is supposed to become the central hub for a gondola proposed in Edmonton. Of course, the tour will explain the past, present and future much better than we are. Consider this more like a teaser for it. And besides, we can’t replace the crazy views inside.

So keep this on your to-do list this summer, folks! It’s a rare opportunity.

Praire Sky Power Plant Tour

When: On through September 27th
Where: Rossdale Power Plant
Cost: $26.25