You can now visit YEG’s ‘End of the World’ viewpoint safely

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Good news Edmonton! The newly reopened Keillor Point Viewing Area means that you can safely look at the ‘End of the World’ this weekend. Need a little refresher? Here’s the site’s backstory.

Keillor Road was originally closed way back in 1994 due to unsafe conditions. After that, the road crumbled into the river valley from erosion. Ever since, it has been a popular destination for those who want an incredible view of West Edmonton.

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Natural decay led to the site being full of risks. Things like an immediate drop and exposed rebar forced the city of Edmonton to regularly patrol the area, but that didn’t stop people. In fact, residents of Belgravia had been complaining for a while about the disturbance.

Now, the popular but pretty unsafe viewpoint of the North Saskatchewan River has been completely revamped and opened to the public today. Complete with a staircase, a viewing platform and path, the area is now that much easier to access.

Hopefully, that means that more people will head over to check out the new site.

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