Would you pass the Canadian Citizenship test? Results say probably not

Photo via Curiocity Group

Let us be the first to say that we would probably be among the 88% of Canadians who would fail Canada’s citizenship test if we were asked to write it right now. According to a recent poll conducted by research company Forum, most Canadians wouldn’t get the 75% needed to pass.

The poll randomly sampled 1645 Canadian residents last week across the nation. Respondents answered 10 questions pulled from the study guide used for the test.

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Unsurprisingly, highest earners and postsecondary graduates were some of the most likely to pass. Even still, only about a fifth of those groups actually did. British Columbia was the most likely to pass as a province, with 22% managing to do so.

On the other hand, those 65 and over and the lowest earners were least likely to pass, with 94% and 97% failing respectively. Also, those in Quebec did an atrocious job, with 95% failing. What the heck, Quebec?

Questions included things like ‘Who are the Metis?’, ‘What is the Royal Anthem of Canada?’ and the official responsibilities of Canadians. Sounds straightforward, right? Then we realized we had no idea that ‘God Save the Queen’ is the Royal Anthem. Boom, we just failed.

You can check out the full results here. Want to test yourself? You can do that here.