Vancouverite wins $50K Budweiser job to watch hockey all year

Photo via Budweiser Canada

Remember Budweiser’s announcement that they had created what is basically the best job in existence, the Chief Hockey Officer? Well, after receiving over a thousand applications from across the country they have crowned a winner. Vancouver native CJ Zizzari is officially their guy.

Boy, we really should have submitted a video of our own. Oh well.

CJ now gets to spend the entire season watching every single Vancouver Canucks game. And to do so, he has been given an RV to travel around in. Plus, he gets a solid $50k for his trouble. Yeah, Budweiser wasn’t messing around about the job.

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Zizzari put together a pretty great application video, we have to admit it. He focused on what is beyond the highlight reel (including a great clip of Biznasty in a tussle). To be honest, we thought about our own time on the ice. At first, we were wistful about triumphs and heartbreaks…

Then, we got pretty pumped up about the upcoming season. With any luck, Zizzari will make it that much better as Budweiser’s Chief Hockey Officer. Wanna get us a ticket to a game?

You can follow CJ’s journey by following him on Twitter.

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