Trudeau reaffirms commitment to nationwide testing and tracing

Photo via YouTube

In his Friday morning press conference, Prime Minister Trudeau reminded Canadians that we aren’t exactly out of the COVID-19 woods yet. Although provinces continue to reopen their economies, the federal government is committed to stepping up precautions.

Which makes perfect sense if Canada is trying to avoid a potential second wave of the virus. The whole ‘shut down the economy for a few months’ isn’t exactly sustainable, but the nation needs to move forward in the safest way possible.

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And for them, the two main facets of this are testing and contact tracing. The federal government strongly believes that the ability to isolate outbreaks and properly follow up on transmission risks will be the best insurance against a second wave.

To accomplish this, they are continuously funding test manufacturers and upping their contact tracing capacity. If anything, it’s reassuring to know that the government is as vigilant as ever in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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