This massive, custom-built castle in Alberta is Canada’s most insane bed & breakfast

Photo via Ryans Castle BnB/Facebook

Have you ever thought to yourself “Sure, hotels are nice, but I need to spend a night in an eclectic castle”? If you have, then we’ve finally got the answer for you. The Ryans Castle BnB is truly a one-of-a-kind stay, after taking over a decade to build.

ryans castle bnb

Located some 30 minutes outside of Edmonton, Ryans Castle was intentionally built on wetland to really embody the castle aesthetic. Plus, the area floods each spring, providing a natural moat for the owners. And it doesn’t hurt that the property itself sprawls some 160 acres.


The inside is just as lavish as the outside. The furnishings really go all out on the European look, whether using antiques or replicas. Add in a whole bunch of ephemera like centuries-old manuscripts or even religious relics and you’ve got a really specific, yet engrossing, space to explore.

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ryans castle bnb

Now there are also a few modern parts that should be mentioned here as well. Apart from TV, WI-FI, and the other staples, there’s also a full-size indoor swimming pool to enjoy. Morning dip before you go walk the grounds and look for birds? Sounds like a great way to start a day.

ryans castle bnb

And even if you don’t see any outside, there is also a bird room to entertain you inside. Yup, that’s right, the owners have devoted an entire room for their birds, of which there are over 20. You’re not about to find that at a regular old hotel, that’s for sure.


The one real hangup here is the price point. Intentionally priced high, it will cost guests $995 per night to stay in one room. And sure you are getting a unique experience, but at that price, you can rent mansions in Kelowna or stay in some of the best hotels in the country for a couple of nights.

Know what Ryans Castle needs to add that little extra value? A butler. Guarantee us 18 hours of some old person named Wilfred or something, and you’ve got a deal.

If you’d like to learn more about Ryans Castle BnB, just click here!