This handy website shows you wait times at local grocery stores

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Thinking of running some errands this week? Well, we’ve stumbled across a fantastic website that is going to help you pick which grocery store to hit. Basically, it’s a map that uses Google and reported data to tell you the wait time of wherever you want to go.

Well, if you’re trying to go to a grocery store or pharmacy. Originally developed by some very clever guy in Florence, Italy, the map hopes to increase safety by helping people avoid long lines and wait times.

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Pretty ingenious move, to be honest. Basically, you can check the website prior to leaving the house to get an estimated wait time on where you want to go. If the estimate was right, then great! If not, consider updating the map for the next person checking.

Plus, the guy who developed it is pulling a Lucius Fox and deleting the website as soon as it’s no longer necessary. So, open-source data to help out right now, then back to business as usual!

You can check out this grocery store wait time website right here. Happy shopping, folks!