This alley on Whyte Ave just got a fun and unique new look

Photo via @kajnernonnekes Twitter

Next time you’re strolling down Whyte Ave, keep your eyes peeled for the latest addition to this city’s public art scene. Well, it’ll actually be easy to spot, since it’s a brightly painted alleyway inspired by ‘Rainbow Road’ in Mario Kart. Here’s the scoop!

Located at Spur Line Alley (between 104 and 105 Street), the piece was installed over 36 hours this weekend. It was designed and installed by Amos Kajner-Nonnekes alongside his team at DESIGN, et cetera– a local design studio.

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And it absolutely adds a splash of colour to the pedestrian-only alley. The honeycomb design features a variety of colours, and is boldened by the white outline. Yeah, we’re definitely getting some Rainbow Road vibes here. Maybe we’ll find an old GameCube on eBay this afternoon.

Until then, we’re going to be looking for any excuse to go down to Whyte Ave and check this out. Maybe we’ll treat ourselves to some bubble tea from Gong Cha this week and cruise over there afterward.

See you down there, folks!