The massive Edmonton Corn Maze has officially reopened for summer!

Photo via @yegcornmaze Instagram

If you’re looking for a fun option for this week, then look no further. As of today, the Edmonton Corn Maze is back for the summer! And this year, we have to say that it’s looking extra nice.

Because the corn maze this year offers a message of hope! With a heart and the words ‘Stronger Together’ prominently displayed, the maze is sure to be a hit. Plus, we agree with the organizers that this summer has absolutely been a maze of decisions.

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So why not jump into the physical version? Although the maze can be completed in 30 minutes, it’ll be tough due to the 5km or so of trails and roughly 85 different decision points scattered throughout. And of course, new protocols have been put in to keep people safe while they’re visiting.

See you down there! We’re going to try and complete the maze in under 5 hours, but we’re very indecisive people. We actually wrote this article from inside an escape room, which is where we’ve been living for the past few months.

Edmonton Corn Maze

When: Opens for the season Tuesday, July 28
Where: 26171 Garden Valley Road, Spruce Grove
Cost: $13, it is recommended to buy tickets online