The internet is tearing apart Edmonton’s new library

Via @NHL94_ twitter

The new Edmonton Public Library is getting some very mixed reactions since being unveiled. Does it hold books? Yes! Then why are people so upset? Well, for starters it looks like it could barrel through the front lines of battle with a head full of steam. Next, Edmonton has had to hear about just how damn beautiful the new Central Library in Calgary is for a full year. Finally, it’s very grey, something Edmonton doesn’t need any more of.

Twitter Reacts to the Edmonton Public Library

Naturally, doing anything in 2019 means that the internet has full license to eviscerate you. Well, the reactions thus far to the Edmonton Public Library have been nothing short of brutal. That being said, internet brutality can equal some funny stuff. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the Twitter reactions that have been brutal along with others that are brutally funny. Here we go!

Honestly, this library looks like it’d beat up nerds, not invite them in to further some knowledge. Can you imagine growing up with this being the first iteration of a public library that you encountered? Books would not seem friendly.

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Hey, maybe this isn’t the final form of the Edmonton Public Library? After all, a few more layers of armour and it might end up kinda pretty.

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