The Edmonton Eskimos just provided an update on a name change

Photo via @officialedmesks Instagram

If you follow US news at all, you might have seen that the Washington Redskins NFL team has come under fire for their name, and might actually change it. Well, the Edmonton Eskimos are starting to feel that same pressure, but aren’t calling for name submissions just yet.

A press release put out today gives us a clearer image. Basically, the organization said that a few months ago they had a consultation process with Canada’s Inuit community and couldn’t come to a ‘clear consensus’. For reference, an Angus Reid poll showed that around 30% of Canadians find the name offensive.

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However, they also said that they’re going to return to that consultation to ensure that everything is still ok. We have a feeling that the MP for Nunavut telling them to change their name probably didn’t help the case to keep it. Either way, we have a feeling that it will be a while for this to be resolved.

Well, at least we don’t have to worry about any upcoming games.

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