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As you may have heard, tons of Ivy League schools are offering online courses for free these days. You can basically become a genius from your living room. But if you’re not sure which of the incredible classes to enroll in, here’s our recommendation.

Right now, Yale is offering their most popular course online and completely free. And guess what it is! The Science of Well-Being. Yup, you can take an Ivy League class on how to be happy. Honestly, it sounds like a great opportunity. And one that will be more than appreciated during the very stressful times we are living in right now.

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The course combines more abstract concepts of psychology with concrete applications of behavioural science to pretty much give you a recipe for joy. And you can track your happiness levels throughout. So you know whether it’s working or not. But wanna know the best part? There’s no required readings! So if you’re a bit of a lazier academic (we don’t judge), you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by a heavy workload.

We think it’s pretty clear why this class is so darn popular. But if you don’t believe us, why not sign up and find out for yourself? It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose!

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