Reminder: You need to reapply for the CERB to keep getting payments

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Good morning, folks! If you’re currently getting CERB payments, then this is a reminder to reapply in order to keep receiving them for the next four weeks. Yup, the federal government designed the plan to run in four-week intervals, and the first stage is over!

So, if you were part of the first wave to apply (we don’t see why that wouldn’t be the case), then the next pay period starts this week. Nothing’s changed in terms of application, eligibility, or anything of that nature, so that’s no problem.

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We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you to not apply for both EI and the CERB. Otherwise, you run the risk of a double payment, which isn’t so bad in theory, but you’ll eventually be required to return one of them- a huge bummer.

Anyway, if you’re part of the first wave to apply for the CERB, now’s the time to reapply. You can do so right here!

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