One Alberta spot makes list of best restrooms in Canada

Via CTV News Vancouver

Cintas (the workwear company) has once again opened the polls for the best restroom in Canada award. Uh, sure, that’s something worth thinking about, we guess? Since 2010, they have been finding the best restrooms around the country.

We most relate to George Costanza when it comes to restrooms. You know, since he can tell you where the best ones are around New York at a moment’s notice. But, it looks like Cintas might take the value from that skill away. Curses.

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beaver hill shell best bathrooms canada

The 5 finalists from this year are 2 Vancouver restaurants, a Shell in Lac La Biche, and 1 restaurant from Toronto and Quebec City, respectively. The winner of the gets to enter the restroom Hall of Fame, which is apparently an honour.

Alberta’s entry, the Beaverhill Shell Gas Station Restroom in Lac la Biche, impressed contest runners with the “modern, yet rustic look” it possesses. Well, with herringbone-patterned wall and floor tile, chandeliers, and a regal vibe, we can’t say we blame them.

Past winners include a Honda dealership, an Esso station, and a duty-free store. Truly a prestigious group, if you ask us.

You can vote on the best restroom in Canada here.

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