New poll shows that Canadians are cool with virtual healthcare

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A new poll from the Canadian Medical Association has shown that Canadians are surprisingly cool with virtual healthcare, and would like to see it get even more comprehensive. This ‘virtual’ healthcare model has seen some of the biggest changes since COVID-19, and might become one of the most enduring.

First off, virtual healthcare isn’t just using an app or something. Basically, it’s any kind of communication that isn’t in person, so phone call, email, texting, FaceTime… all that stuff is included in the mix. We wonder if exchanging letters technically counts as virtual…

And anyway, this format still accounts for a minority of people. In fact, Canada-wide about 23% of people who had an illness or a medical condition would seek virtual services first. Everyone else goes to either the clinic, their family doctor, or the ER.

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But! We’re finishing on a positive note about it. Since the pandemic began, more people have been accessing virtual healthcare providers (so like an app) or through a phone call. And what’s more, both forms of healthcare have received over 90% positive reviews of the experience.

The report is actually super interesting, and offers insight into regional differences, changes since COVID-19, and what kinds of technology are available and which ones people like the most.

You can check it out in full by clicking this link.

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