Canada’s biggest grocer to start selling items in reusable packaging

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Is the stress of saving the world making you sweat a little? See pictures of sad turtles and feel like you need to do something? Great, we have a solution, and it’s at Loblaws. They’re bringing reusable packaging into stores, which is no small deal to Canada’s biggest grocery chain.

The leading grocery chain is partnering with Loop, the reusable packaging trailblazer of the modern world. In case you’ve been living under a rock (or like a giant piece of nonbiodegradable plastic), Loop is working to create reusable containers for your most-purchased grocery items. Think ice cream in stainless steel pints and cleaning solution in glass containers.


Firstly, you get your items in the fancy packaging and then reuse the heck out of it. Then, Loop picks up dirty ones and replace them with clean ones, and nothing is getting tossed in the bin except your deep-seated fears about global warming.

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“There is too much plastic waste,” said Galen Weston, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited. “Our industry is part of the problem and we can be part of the solution. Our partnership with Loop is a powerful example of entrepreneurial innovators working with like-minded large enterprise to bring a meaningful solution to a real problem.”

Toronto will be the initial pilot city. Then, moves to expand the program across Canada will be put into action. Keep an eye out for Loop at your Loblaws in the near future, and keep an eye out for happy polar bears in the far future!

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