Here’s what kind of weather to expect in Edmonton this week

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Howdy folks! We’ve got some good news for you since it seems like Edmonton is going to be avoiding stormy weather for the next few days. Now, this is Alberta in July so knock on wood, but we should be rain-free for at least a couple of days.

Today, tomorrow and Wednesday should see us avoiding the rain. Plus, Tuesday and Wednesday both have highs around 20 degrees, which is fortunately in line with us being able to enjoy the outdoors during the day. Maybe a stroll around the park or some sports. Tennis, anyone?

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Thursday is kind of weird. While there’s not rain explicitly in the forecast, there is a strong possibility of it. So maybe some isolated showers throughout the day, we’re not 100% on that one. And finally, we’re going to see some light rain on Friday as we enter a not so great weekend of weather.

Know what that means? You’re going to have to get the fun out of the way early this week! Enjoy it, folks!

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