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Guide: 8 ways to chill out as Edmonton heats up!

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Summer is upon us– even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet! But, with the weather warming up we know it won’t be long until we’re all looking for ways to chill out, cool down, and beat the heat! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Brightside to bring you 8 tips to save you from the heat and get the most chill out of your summer, Edmonton!

Brightside is building a mobile banking app to help you save for all the things you love– all things summer included! Launching later this year, Brightside will offer a fully digital experience to sign up, open accounts, and start using easy and fun savings features– all designed to work in connection with your current bank. Their goal is to let you YOLO responsibly and we’re totally on board with that.

1. Frozen Drinks FTW

Practically every drink is better in its icy form. Frosé, iced capps, margaritas, slurpees– you get the point. Get that blender going for your own backyard celebration or hit up your fave local patio to take advantage of their summer cocktail list. A little bit of slush goes a long way to beat the heat and amp up those summer vibes. Bonus: make (or garnish) your drinks using fresh fruit for that extra hint of summer!

2. Ice Cream Craze

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Arguably one of the most important meals of summer, we think ice cream deserves to be its own food group. As if you needed another excuse to indulge, one of Calgary’s most popular ice cream spots, Made by Marcus, just opened their first Edmonton location! Grab one of the trendiest scoops in town! Chill out with their Edmonton exclusive flavour in collaboration with Duchess Bake Shop– Earl Grey Financier and Raspberry. Make ours a double!

3. Supersoaker Battle

Besides a heavy dose of nostalgia, having a water gun fight can solve two problems: it’ll cool you off and it’s also a fun type of cardio (because hello frozen drinks and ice cream). For extra chill, add ice to your water gun of choice. Just be sure to not share this tip with the other team!

4. Sip n’ Stroll

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One of our fave ways to chill on Edmonton summer days is a casual stroll along artsy streets. YEG is filled with trendy local stores and crafty markets showcasing the best local talent. Wander down Whyte Ave with iced coffee in hand (we recommend a stop at Remedy) or explore 104th Street and cool off by popping in and out of the air-conditioned shops. Check out Edmonton’s best handmade wares and support your local creatives! That’s extra cool.

5. Selfie Fan

Say hi to the little gadget you never knew you needed. If you happen to like the “wind blowing in your hair” selfie look, a USB mini selfie fan will be your bestie! Unleash your inner Beyonce in those summer selfies courtesy of this fun gear. Long hair not there? It’s also the coolest (literally) tech gadget to rep this season if you want to show off how you cool off.

6. Harness Chill Vibes

summer edmonton

Beat the heat (and summer stress) by taking some me time. Practice meditation or yoga to cool down both physically and mentally. Some studios even offer outdoor classes to embrace the season. Need a quick cool moment? Try Sitali breath, the cooling breath that when done correctly brings cool air into your lunges and lowers blood pressure, leaving you in the ultimate chill state. Curl your tongue and inhale like you’re sipping through a (reusable) straw, exhale through your nose, and repeat!

7. Look Cool, Be Cooler

Pull out these summer accessories from your closet to look (and get) cool in the sun! Try on a new hat for shade, like a wide brim sun hat, boater-style hat or the classic dad ballcap. Hats are IN this season so use one to complete your cool lewk (and hide a bad hair day while you’re at it). Don’t forget the classic cool summer accessory– sunglasses. Wear those summer sunnies all season long, block out the UV rays and cover any dark circles under your eyes from that runaway summer BBQ the night before!

8. Win some Cold Hard Cash

This summer, Brightside is giving you the chance to win major prizes with Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition! Their next contest could ice out your wallet with $500 cold hard CASH, a prize sure to keep you (very) cool all summer long! All you have to do is join their waitlist at, kick back, chill out, and win!

We hope these tips help keep you cool this summer, Edmonton! Make sure you follow all the fun on IG @HiBrightsider and sign up for their waitlist at for your chance to win even more cool prizes all summer long with Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition!

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