Forbes has released the list of the World’s Best Employers for 2020

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Happy Friday, folks! For some reason, we feel like more people than ever are going to be curious about the list of the world’s best employers this year. We have a hunch that there’s a newfound interest in the big dogs of the corporate world. Dang low fee trading platforms democratizing investment!

Forbes apparently used a unique method this year to get their results. They surveyed around 160,000 employees, but during the months of June and July. So, the company’s response to COVID-19 was a big factor. We never thought that ‘safely handling a pandemic’ would be a box to check, but hey, life’s weird.

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The top 5 names on the list were dominated by some international behemoths. Samsung took the number one spot, followed by Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and LG. As for Canada, only 3 names even made it into the top 50. Telus landed in the number 40 spot, with Suncor Energy right behind it.

We’re surprised that Shopify was way down the list at 49, though. The company has been Canada’s tech darling practically all of 2020. But, we’ll leave it to the folks at Forbes to explain.

You can check out the list of the World’s Best Employers for 2020 right here. Enjoy your Friday, folks!