Ethical animal experiences across Canada are the newest Airbnb feature

Photo via Airbnb

Hold on to your hats folks, because Airbnb announced new ethical animal experiences and really dove into the deep end with it. You can now choose from over 1000 animal experiences all over the world. Some of the crazier ones? How about discovering arctic foxes to saving puppies from the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

In a press release, Airbnb said that it hopes to create a new standard for animal welfare. As such, guests will be paired with caring, expert hosts to experience animals in the most ethical way possible. Essentially, Airbnb wants to become an industry leader in the animal tourism industry.

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Sounds good to us! We, like every single person we’ve ever met, love to chill with animals. Plus, we don’t like having to vet all of the options available to us if we want, we don’t know, go whale watching or something.

Canadian experiences include a winter river float for eagle watching in BC, equine facilitated learning in Alberta, and hiking with alpacas just outside of Toronto.

But, we have a feeling that this is just the start of ethical animal experiences in Canada. Personally, we’re hoping to see what we can get up to a year from now. Fingers crossed that it’s something absolutely wild, like putting clown noses on the tips of narwhal horns.

Just kidding, that definitely wouldn’t fly.

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