Edmonton’s weather is going to feel as high as 29°C this weekend

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

After a solid couple weeks of weird weather, it looks like Edmonton might get a little break and enjoy some nicer days this weekend. We’ve got got a touch of rain in the forecast, but we’ll take it as long as it’s not going to be a thunderstorm.

And we get the added bonus of two solid days of sun tomorrow and Saturday. So, you’ll have ample opportunity to take that trip to the farmers’ market, go for a run, hit the trails… whatever you’re feeling! Especially on Saturday, when temps are expected to feel like 29 degrees.

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As we warned, things should cool off on Sunday, with a high of 19 and showers in the forecast. Now, the high estimate for rain is only like 3mm,  so that’s basically just a light misting for most of the city. Knock on wood that the forecast is right!

And enjoy the weekend, folks!

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